-Dr. Rahul Shastri Although widely known as the founder of Modern Communism, Marx wrote very little on the ideal of
Contents Walls and civilisation 2 Western walls vs. easter forests 2 Walled civilisation, mother nature and human problems 2 Consumerism
Dr. Rahul A. Shastri, President, Samvit Kendra Hyderabad was founded with the construction of Chārminār in 1591-2 CE by Muhammad
Download the paper on Diwali pollution Preface Several key questions with respect to Crackers, Diwali and Pollution seemed perplexing and
Below is feedback on draft NEP which was finalized and released in 2020. The NEP is a welcome change. It
By Dr Rahul A. Shastri Who was Ravana? Ravana’s birth-name was Dashanana. His father was Vishravas s/o brahmin sage Pulastya,
Modi Govt’s CAA is in line with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s thought process    -Dr.  Vamsha Tilak, President Samarasatha Vedika ,
Dr Ambedkar analysed Communism through the vantage point of Buddhism. He contemplated on the crucial triad of ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’,
This book consists of extracts from Dr. Ambedkar’s book: Pakistan or the Partition of India, 2nd edition., as reprinted in “The Selected
"Ideas, Bombs, and Bullets” is about a relatively unknown part of the history of India’s struggle for independence from the
Just over twenty years ago, I first visited the vast archaeological site at Hampi, near Hospet in the Southern Indian
Prof. R Vaidyanathan speaking at a seminar on `Social Groups- Engines of Growth for Indian Economy’ stated that  Asian economies