On the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, a talk was conducted by Samvit Kendra and the Institute of Human Study. Sri Francois Gautier was invited to speak about Sri Aurobindo’s vision of Bharat. The meeting was conducted on 28th of August, at 7:00 PM. Dr Chalamayi Reddy, Director and Principal of Institute of Human Study and Dr Rahul Shastri, President of Samvit Kendra graced the occasion. The meeting started with a Prarthana mantra followed by a brief about Samvit Kendra. Dr Chalamayi Reddy Ji introduced the Institute of Human Study and Sri Francois Gautier. Post this the spotlight was on Sri Francois Gautier, where the speaker rolled over a variety of subjects and explained Sri Aurobindo’s thoughts about them.

Lessons from Bharat’s recent history:
Sri Francois Gautier started with the Independence struggle and how Gandhi and Nehru took the credit for a long battle. They just took the ripe fruit, while all the work was done by many freedom fighters. He also spoke that the British were already suffering losses due to WW2, famines and other factors. Not only this, history at every corner is distorted by the British, Marxists and the first prime minister. It is time that we dig deep and know what the real history
was and who the real heroes are.

The speaker says that Indians need to get back their Kshatriya spirit. We could not stand united and thus atrocities like Moplah have happened. We need to understand from Bhagavadgita, that violence is necessary sometimes. Sri Aurobindo used to make bombs and guns in his basement during the freedom struggle. He fought physically and also used his literature.

Understanding Bharat’s governance system:
India is the greatest democracy, but it is hijacked. The direction of democracy and administration that Nehru and his descendants gave to India is very tough to change. The VVIP culture takes away the root of service from the elected representatives. Everything happens only in Delhi. It is not only the capital but also the centre for politics. Speaking about the Indian Parliament, the speaker says that it is a fish market. At least, in a fish market, some fish are sold and there is some productivity. Due to this system, after getting power the representatives lose contact with the people. Politics need a revolution. We are missing the age-old system of Village Panchayats. The panchayats were autonomous and they were more efficient. However, most of the panchayats have been taken over by DMK in Tamilnadu. However, this system works more efficiently as the administration is more local. But in the current situation, there is a huge
bureaucracy that even a great person cannot take action freely. Delhi is only the capital of babus and cannot understand the needs of a rural village. It is glad that some villages are self-sustaining and are protecting their cultural identities. In this context, the speaker quotes Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art, which has been preserved and taught from generation to generation.

Academics and Education:
The speaker then turns the subject to Indian education. Like the saying, nothing can be taught, you have to awaken the inner spirit, the education system should be designed in this way. But the current system is doing a brain drain. Nothing Indian is taught in Indian Education. Shivaji was more powerful than Napoleon. There are many other rulers who are not even mentioned in our academic books. We are not taught about Kalidasa, Maharana Pratap and many other great people. Even after 7 years of BJP in power, they could not change the syllabus. Children who come out of such education are only good for export. Indians don’t take pride in being Indian.

We are still attracted to white people and do not read about Indians. Again due to the bureaucracy, BJP cannot change the academic syllabus. If they do, there will be a revolution. As more time passes, the minorities will become more radical. We cannot introduce Pranayama, Yoga in schools. Every Hollywood actor practices Hata Yoga. If we introduce them in schools, there will be a huge outcry. Sri Sri Ravishankar said that these are not religious practices as a breath has no religion.

Aurobindo predicted many things which are contemporary even now. For example, when he visited Kashmir and found that only one million Hindus are left, he immediately reacted that if this continues there will be no one left here. India needs Kashmir. It is not just for strategic purposes, but Kashmir is a holy land, a land of worship. Many sanyasis and yogis did tapasya in this land.

Speaking about the Indian Judiciary, the speaker says that it is a bad copy of the west. People know
that they can commit a crime and get away as the case lasts for 20 years. Even the judges have
westernised brains.

Way forward:
Lastly, Sri Francois Gautier talks about ‘The Hour of God’. It means that there are moments when there is the breath of God on us. During these times, even a small effort can yield great results. The speaker expresses that Covid is a part of this. He said, from a working point of view, Modi is the best. He works only for the country, not for this family and not for his party. As Aurobindo said India will become the spiritual centre of the world. But first India should become
a powerful nation.

China is India’s enemy. Most Indian politicians do not agree with this. In all aspects, China wants to be greater than India. But we should be bold and hold to the Kshatriya spirit. This Hour of God should not be misused by the people of India. We need to come out of ‘me, mine and my family. We need to come beyond this. Non-violence and goodness are different. To be non-violent, one must be strong too. The speaker concludes by saying that Indians need to come out of their comfort zone and confront the enemy directly