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Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad and Samvit conducts Seminar on Issues relating to North Eastern States of Bharat.

Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) November 1, 2014.

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram along with Samvit conducted a seminar here at G. Narayanamma Institute of technology, introspecting the issues being faced by the North Eastern states of Bharat along with creating an awareness among the concerned citizens of the city regarding the same. The event was attended by almost 200 volunteers from different walks of life including students, academicians, IT professionals, lawyers and social activists.

About the Organisers:


Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad: Vanvasi kalyan Parishad is an an organisation founded in 1952 with efforts of Ramakant Keshav Deshpande – a renowned social worker fondly known a “Balasaheb Deshpande” the organisation is working in almost all states of india for Ameliorating the backwardness of tribal area of our country. A couple of popular welfare schemes of the organisation are “Single Teacher Schools” (Ekal Vidyalaya) and “Samskara Kendra” along with numerous hostels, schools and vocational training institutes. One of the most famous product of the work being done by VKP is renowned archer “Limba Ram”.

Samvit: Samvit is a Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) based organisation working in the field of education and research.

About the Speakers:

Sri Ravula lakshmana: Chief guest for the program, Lakshmana Ji is Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Oracle Corporation.

Sri Atul Jog: Chief speaker for the program, Jog Ji is a Mechanical Engineer by education and is All Bharat Joint Organising Secretary for Vanvasi kalyan Ashram. He dedicated his life to the nation and became a RSS Pracharak  in 1994. He has worked in Nagaland under VKA from 1994 to 2008 and later became Zonal Organising Secretary for North East.

Sri Rahul Shastri: National Convener of Samvit, Rahul ji, currently Jt. Director National Academy of Development is a renowned city based academician and has almost 27 research papers published to his name along with several books and articles.

Sri Ayush Nadimpalli: A swayamsevak for over two decades, he actively volunteers for various social and cultural causes. He has authored and co authored many articles, books and is an active blogger. An engineering and management professional by education, he works in a software company and is based in Bhagyanagar.

Extracts from the speech of the Chief Speaker – Jog Ji:

The speech of the chief speaker was the highlight of  the event it was an enlightening ensemble of facts – data and first hand experiences of a person who has spent almost half of his life working for the people of north east. Main issues covered by the honourable speaker were:

Relations with the rest of Bharat and contributions in Nation building:


People of North East had always had deep rooted relations with the people of rest of Bharat. Even during Mahabharata era Kings like Sri Krishna, Arjun and Bhima were married to princesses and tribal women of north eastern states.

The people of north east have always had a stellar contribution to the nation in sports and national defence. Even in Kargil War the people from the region were ahead of others in serving Bharat Mata – receiving none less than three of the highest gallantry medals including the Param Vir Chakra. Assam and Nagaland even have specific regiments named after them. DSCN3642.JPG

Even during the national struggle the people of the region were matching their counterparts from across the nation in vigour and dedication.

Ignorance and alienation by people of other regions:

Jog Ji emphasized that the people of the other regions off late have been quite ignorant and alienating regarding the people of north eastern states there have been many instances of discrimination and ignorance noted in recent years. The speaker emphasized that communities should be more embracing to the people from the frontiers.

Problems being faced by people of North East Bharat:

The speaker dealt extensively with the problems being faced currently by the people of north east. he summed up the following factors as root cause for most of the problems.

Growing influence of Missionaries – a proxy front of west – Jog Ji highlighted that the missionaries in the region are active there since early 1800’s. the missionaries to further their aim of religious conversions and to sow the seeds of political interests of their mentor political powers, have been involved in flaring and supporting the separatist movements.

The missionaries also have a role in arming them and instigating them for armed violence. DSCN3623.JPG

The United States also has a contribution to this menace through initiatives like the “Goodwill Mission” and political recognition of the separatist groups like NSCN (IM) and ULFA.

Missionaries have been inculcating a feeling of hatred towards ancient tribal cultures and traditions along with fuelling a sense of belonging to a separate nationality and community.

The Islamic Epidemic and Bangladeshi Infiltration – The muslim population outbreak and the “war-scale” infiltration by Bangladeshi nationals has emerged as the biggest threat to peace, life and property to the ethnic people of North eastern states in recent years.

The local muslims coupled with illegal bangladeshi immigrants are grabbing fertile forest land as well as the lands belonging to the natives.DSCN3631.JPG

They are also indulging in violence against the natives who are opposing them. Muslim politicians riding on these factors have occupied important ministries in the state government and are further helping the causes of these anti national forces.

The situation is so alarming that 8 out of the 27 districts of Assam have become a muslim Majority area.

The Threat of The “Dragon”- China, one of the “Twin Nemesis” of Bharat has also been working vigorously to damage the region which is a frontier against itself. Chinese forces have been continuously involved in infiltration activities as well as in training and arming of the insurgent groups.

The work of Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad:

The speaker informed the inquisitive assembly that Vanvasi kalyan Ashram along with it’s sister organisations and sleepless/fearless volunteers has been working to beat the malicious designs of these anti national forces. few of the measures which the Parishad is taking are:

  • Creating an awareness in the people about similarities with the people of Bharat and Vice- versa.

  • re-inculcating the traditional culture and values.

  • Reviving of old festivals and starting many new festivals which will incite a nationalistic feeling.

  • Organising youth conventions to create an awareness among youth. Youth Convention - Guwahati Image

  • Construction and preservation of temples and other traditional places of worship.

  • Generating a feeling of pride for their ancient culture among the youth.

Concluding speech by Ayush Ji:

The programme was concluded by Ayush ji with an appeal to the presence that we should be more concerned about the issues and needs of the people from the eastern parts of our nation. He urged the people present to be more involved and initiative. He suggested that social media can be an important tool in connecting the people of north east and the rest of Bharat.

The programme concluded with recitation of Shanti Mantra – a vedic prayer for world peace and prosperity.