Hyderabad, 01.Apr.2023.

In an event organized by Samvit Kendra, renowned author and columnist, Dr. Ratan Sharda honoured the dais with his presence.

Samvit Kendra did organized the event to have a conversation with Dr. Ratan Sharda about his well-acclaimed work ‘Conflict Resolution – The RSS Way’ in context of the re-emerging Khalistan movement.

Together with Dr. Ratan Sharda Ji on the dais was Wg. Cdr. (Retd.) R. K. Singh, the latter, an IAF pilot and trainer who is a dignified Kargil war veteran who has made remarkable contributions in his service tenure.
Wg. Cdr (Retd) R. K. Singh Ji did give a perspective about the conflict topics in India from a defense personals point of view and the ways the armed forced managed it and the current way of handling such issues by the brave men of Indian defense service.

Dr. Ratan Sharda Ji did give his words to the audience about the enormous research he has done in background of his Phd which is further complied as the book ‘Conflict Resolution – The RSS Way’.


He did explain in detail about the RSS way of participating in various conflict resolutions like Kashmir & Article 370, Khalistan movement,  Northeast turbulence etc, where RSS is one of its kind NGO in the world to have actively participated in such strategic topics of national interest.

Also he answered the questions from the audience about the re-emerging Khalistan movement and the differences of the same with the former Khalistan movement, the support received by the new Khalistan movement from the enemies of the country and culture who deliberately try to sabotage the historical link of Sikhism with Indian culture and Hinduism thus creating a friction between Sikh community and the majority of Indian population.

Dr. Ratan Sharda Ji called for the audience that its not just RSS who should be looking forward for such conflict resolution topics in India, it’s the duty of all citizens of India to be ready and working towards creating awareness among the people of the country about patriotism, national integrity and thoughts that will cease the ideas of separatism in their minds.

Samvit Kendra revered both the speakers by token of respect and thanks.

With the makeshift book stall arranged in the venue itself, Samvit Kendra made the opportunity for the audience to buy the book ‘Conflict Resolution – The RSS Way’ together with other noted works of Dr. Rathan Sharda Ji, and other sahithyas as well.