RSS Prant Prachar Pramukh Ayush ji Nadimpalli said the people should collectively repel the divisive forces that are inciting separatist sentiments and disrupting the country’s integrity. Ayush ji has launched two books ‘Bengal Bleeding Amidst Secular Silence’ and ‘Khilafat Muslim Separatism-National Partition’ at an event organized by Samvit Kendra at Miyapur Pragati Enclave.

On this occasion, he said that the Khilafat movement was the movement to renew the Khilafat designation, which was neither supported by any Muslim country nor the Muslim community. Although this movement had nothing to do with Bharat, Gandhi ji persuaded the Congress to support the Khilafat with the intention of facilitating Hindu-Muslim unity in the country and thereby achieving independence. Gandhi’s thoughts did not work out. In the end, it led to Muslim separatism and led to the partition of the country.

National leaders such as Bipin Chandrapal, Veerasavarkar, Subhash Chandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore opposed the attempts to partition Bengal in 1905. This book explains the series of events that took after the partition of Bengal that happened under the name of secularism, leading to the shortening of Vandemataram, infiltration of Muslims in India through Bangladesh. Through these books, we can know about the separatist ideologies erupting in West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Telangana and other states. Taking into account the past experience and the present situation, he called on everyone to take part in defending the country by effectively resisting the intrigues that lead to one more partition of the country. Retired Medical Officer Chandrabhushan, Karlapudi Satyanarayana, Ramanareddy, Vithal, Harish, Pradeep and Parimala were present on this occasion.