Centre for Integral Research, SAMVIT Kendra organised a Talk on “Integral Humanism” on Feb 27th, 2016 at G.Narayanamma Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. Prof. Laxmi Ji speakingDr.Bajranglalji Gupta, Professor in Economics was the Chief Speaker. Prof.Lakshmiji, Former HoD History Dept, Osmania University was the Chief Guest. Dr. Rahul Shastri , President Samvit Kendra chaired the meeting. The General Secretary Samvit read out the First Annual Report. The program was attended by 150 professionals from various fields. 

Prof. Lakshmiji spoke about the importance of building a true narrative of India based on our ethos. She also spoke about how the training in important universities builds a thought framework which looks at all things with suspicion.

Dr. Bajranglal Ji speaking

Dr.Bajranglalji spoke about the 4 key dimensions of building our society based on native genius. He elaborated on the national “chiti”. Concepts of “Arthayaam”, as propounded by Pt.Deendayalji Upadhyay, that guarantee the well-being of all were also discussed.