Aum Shantih :
It is sad to hear of the passing on of Mahopadhyāya B.B. Lalji to a higher state. Our poignance is
sharpened by the fact that he did not live to see his latest work on Rigveda published.
The youngest director of ASI, Prof. B.B. Lal brought to light the foundations of Indian history not only
through excavations at Hastinapur, Kalibangan, Purana Qila etc., but also through theoretical
research on Ramasetu, Saraswati River, the myth of Aryan invasion and most notably on the temple
pillars of Babri Masjid, linking his theoretical research with practical field work. In spite of being
disregarded and detracted by the left for his contributions that unveiled the continuity and integrity
of Indian civilisation, he pursued and achieved the highest standards of excellence in his chosen
field, for which he was rightly awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2021.
We at Samvit Kendra along with all true Indians, share the grief of the bereaved family. Prof. Brij Basi
Lal will live eternally in the collective memory of Indians. May he find eternal peace. Aum Shantih!

— By Dr Rahul Shastri , President, Samvit Kendra.