The book is a collection of quotations by well known persons from various walks of life culled from various sources, mostly foreign, from the very ancient to the most recent times. These quotes refute, sentence by sentence, the charges leveled by Macaulay against Hindu knowledge system and Sanskrit language in his famousMinute. Macaulay passed these remarks  in an attempt to remove the indigenous education system and replace it with the English curriculum. 
These quotations prove that from very ancient times Hindu education system helped the Hindus to stay on top in science, technology, trade, commerce, social harmony and unity. This compilation is meant to remind Indians that there is lot of colonial propaganda still lurking in the present day educational curriculum taught in our schools and colleges. It is actually a hangover of the colonial rule which harmed us instead of improving our capabilities. Present education system is not a natural outcome of the native genius, but fraudulently foisted upon the unsuspecting Hindus. 
Most of our present day problems and misunderstandings are the direct outcome of our so called modern education system which is loaded with colonial propaganda against Indian knowledge system, and culture that generated it over millennia. The compilation also serves to inform those who feel the negative impact of Macaulay education but do not know the positive side of our indigenous system.
 The aim of this compilation is not to argue for a go-back to the olden days which is not practicable not is it a plea against English language as such. It is an appeal to get informed about the nefarious designs of the introducer of English education in our country, and work hard to remove its deleterious effects and place it on a firm indigenous footing.
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