Extracts from Pakistan or the Partition of India, 2nd Edn, in Selected Works of Dr. BR Ambedkar compiled by Dr. Rahul A. Shastri, President, Samvit Kendra

This booklet consists of extracts from Dr. Ambedkar’s book: Pakistan or the Partition of India, 2nd edn., as reprinted in “The Selected Works of Dr. BR Ambedkar”.

Babasahebji was well aware of the foundational importance of this book for Indian Nationalism. As he put it: “Every Indian must read a book on Pakistan, if not this, then some other, if he wants to help his country to steer a clear path. … the reader will find that the book contains an epitome of India’s political and social history during the last twenty years, which it is necessary for every Indian to know.” (Preface) .

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