Samvit Kendra is a voluntary study group involved in the development of scholarship for Bharat. We are a dynamic and active group of scholars engaged in social studies from the Indian national perspective. We endeavour to develop an integral vision for nation building including in our activity the broadest range of fields of study.

Our work is organized into two focus areas.

  • Center for Cultural Studies
  • Center for Integral research

Center For Cultural Studies

In the center for Cultural Studies, we study and document the cultural and historical legacies of Bharat. Naturally this is a very large project and we have only made the barest beginning in this activity.

Center for Integral research

 The Center for Integral research is a much more deliberate activity. Here we hope to produce a comprehensive vision and philosophy for understanding and imagining a structure of our national life. While this is a very brave undertaking, it lies at the very center of our national life and so it cannot be escaped.

Here we base our work upon the inspiration and direction from the brilliantly simply ideas enunciated by Pandit Deendayal Updhyaya through his philosophy of Integral Humanism.

This philosophy can be reduced to startlingly simple and  pragmatic, and self evident ideas.

  • Every nation must organize itself in accordance with its own character and genius.
  • National organization must be built upon pragmatic lines rather than upon rigid ideological positions. It must be guided by human objectives rather than rigid notions of structure and method.

This is a radical deconstruction of the ideological orthodoxies that produced the vast human tragedies, all over the world, for the past twenty centuries. And we expect new volunteers in our group to go through a thoroughly exciting disorienting and discomforting unlearning and relearning process. This is a journey we must continually make. And therefore it will forever remain so excitingly uncomfortable and disorienting.