– Book Review by Sundeep Raikhelkar

Makarand Paranjape’s book “JNU: Nationalism and India’s uncivil war” aptly justifies the title by
unveiling the decadent leftist propaganda machinery which has long been driven from the
mainstream Indian society, but has taken refuge in India’s higher education system and
continues to fester our media narrative.
The book is an autobiographical treatise on the journey of a liberal teacher through the murky
and infested waters of JNU. Author with his through rebuttals to “Open Letters”, brings forth the
intolerance of the leftist ecosystem and their palpable twisting of facts to suit the narrative.
This book being factual, is not about the facts that transpired in JNU (between 2016-2021) and
nor is it about any undisclosed details that only an insider could bring to light. This book is more
of the first hand experiences and trauma of the teacher having resolved to stay and fight the
The author, who claimed more than once having no connection with Sangha or RSS, but does
seem to conveniently bracket Sangha or ABVP as00India’s right which could be revisited if not